Unique Features Of Our Office


The only Japanese-speaking ophthalmologist in Hawaii.


The physician and all members of our staff are fluent in Japanese and English.  Some of our patients prefer communicating in Japanese; however, family members may prefer explanations in English.  Providing a bilingual office experience enhances the patient-physician relationship. As a result, our patients have a better understanding of their eye condition. While there are many Japanese-speaking optometrists in Hawaii, Hawaii Eye Clinic is the only clinic that has a Japanese-speaking ophthalmologist.


Providing care with advanced equipment and technology.


We use the latest equipment and available technology to aid in diagnosis and treatment.  We strive to provide you with life-long eye care and to protect your eye health with routine eye exams.


Encourage patient understanding of eye disease.


We believe in educating our patients, and we do our best to encourage our patients’ understanding of their eye condition and treatment course.  Our exam rooms feature large screen monitors that can display photos and test results which greatly enhances the patient experience.